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BCC Opts for Harmony Insurance

After intensive market research, BCC has decided to engage Harmony as its new insurance partner for all product groups. The partnership aligns with BCC’s new strategy in which it seeks to make it easier for clients by adding supplementary services for electronics.

Making Greater Use of Experience and Expertise

Jaap Tiemens, Director of Operations for BCC: We’ve noticed that the electronics market is expanding, almost to the extent that the enormous offer simply becomes too much. Which brand should I choose? Which model? Which technology? Customers have an increasing need for an expert party to help them with these choices. Adding even more devices on shelves is not the answer. Eventually, you simply have too much stuff and too little added value. Since many of our store employees have actually been around for quite a few years, they understand precisely what customers need. ‘This is what we need to convey to our customers.’

New Strategy: ‘Don’t Worry, Buy Happy’

‘BCC explicitly wants to profile itself as a party that offers professional advice and unique supplementary services via its new campaigns,’ Tiemens continues, ‘to ultimately achieve those happy customers’. Our added value, therefore, lies in offering input based on customer needs and how we can meet these demands as good as possible. In time, I also envision smaller stores, in which our store employees can advise you quickly and facilitate the purchasing process better through supplementary services. And our electronics solutions go further. For example, with ‘Sustainable BCC’ our advisors will not only assist you with your purchase but also with the installation of your sustainable indoor climate system or solar panels.

We go the extra mile for our customers with new concepts that align with changing demands in the market, for example, the unique Don’t Worry policy. We make it easier for our clients with that too.’

Partnership Leads to Successful Concept

Harmony, insurance specialist in consumer electronics, scored notably better on a number of aspects in the quest for the right supplementary services. ‘We saw customisation as the way to a unique concept. Harmony’s Learning & Development department offers expert guidance and is helping us make that concept successful. We also value the rapid automation, digitisation and implementation of important processes. We naturally know the specific challenges of retail and were able to develop a successful concept in co-creation based on that expertise. This close collaboration forms a solid basis for our partnership. In addition, the Sales

Coaches coupled with BCC’s regional managers have proved to be a strong asset. The Sales Coaches have proven their ability to convey knowledge to our people quickly and effectively,’ says Tiemens.

Two Tailor-Made Insurance Options

Jef Van Herck, Director of Sales for Harmony, adds: ‘We are proud that BCC has chosen Harmony as its exclusive insurance partner. It confirms our strength in the development of modular concepts in co-creation. We have developed two insurance propositions especially for BCC clients in which we focus on current client needs. We offer clients a choice: an insurance package with basic coverage that includes damage caused by dropping and impact for a one-off sum, or unique all-risk coverage for a monthly rate. You could call it à la carte assistance.’

‘In addition, a retail partner like BCC is the ultimate partner with whom we are going to to launch our updated brown and white goods proposition’, according to Van Herck. ‘They have extensive experience from which we will benefit in turn. And what a wonderful coincidence: BCC’s new theme is Don’t worry, buy happy, while Why worry? has been Harmony’s motto for many years’.


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